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- Here you will find the homemade products I've created.
- Click on the picture to purchase the item. 

Feather Wands

These home made feather smudging wands are perfect for anyone who is smudging! I make them with recycled feathers from ducks, turkeys, geese and others. Each are uniquely made with care and make for the perfect spiritual tool. 

chakra oils

The chakra oils is my newest product that I've created. These were specifically created with a specific blend of herbs and essential oils to heal and open each specific chakra. You can use this in your bath, on your skin or on a candle. They're truly powerful and smell amazing.

Dream pouches

these homemade pouches are filled with herbs and plants collected respectfully by me. Each pouch has a different purpose and is to be placed under your pillow while you sleep. So far I've only created the protection dream pouch but there is more to come such as ; healing, clarity, fertility and guidance.

Spell Oils

Specialty Oils are Wiccan oils made by me for specific purposes. Each oil is specifically designed and create for a specific purpose with the use of natural ingredients. They are perfect to add to your bath or candle when creating a spell. 

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