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I offer all of the services below and would love to chat about your specific requirements and needs.

*I work with only  positive beings so the information I receive is from only the highest sources. 

General Psychic Reading 

During this psychic reading we discuss your present situation and anything you'd like for me to focus on including ; Relationship, friendship, family, kids, future, career, health, self, spirituality. You point me in the direction you want me to explore. I can also give your insight into your future with the use of tarot and oracle cards.

Past Life Psychic Reading

During this type of reading I will be going back and connecting to some the past lives you have lived through. I will describe them as accurately as I see them through the use of Phoenix cards and my psychic abilities. I will share all that I experience with you such as; your appearance, events you went through and karmic lessons that remain unfulfilled. 

Crystal Psychic Reading 

During this Psychic Reading you will learn about the crystals that can best assist you at this time and how they can do so. I will also be passing on any guidance messages the crystal realm may have for you and finish by pulling some crystal oracle cards.

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is a type of vibrational healing where the practioner uses crystals to heal the client. Crystals will be placed on and around the clients body in a specific formation to bring healing to specific areas. This can help on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Specific crystals will be used depending on the wants and needs of the client.

(After the healing I will relay any messages from your Spirit Guides.)

Reiki Healing  

Reiki is a type of vibrational healing where the client and practioner work together to bring healing into the clients body. The practioner acts as a doorway and director of energy with their hands, while the client relaxes enough to absorb the energy. Reiki can help on many levels such as; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Every experience varies on the person and there is no wrong or bad experience.

(After the healing I will relay any messages from your Spirit Guides and I will inform you on the state of your chakras.)

Shamanic journey

I offer personalized shamanic journeys. There is where I will be drumming and traveling to the lower, middle or upper world for any information that your ancestors may have for you. Anything that is seen, felt or heard will be passed on to the client after the journey has ended.

Astrology Natal Chart 

The astrology chart is your astrological natal chart. You will receive a detailed document concerning your astrology signs that are related to your birth details. Each are completed with extensive research and will provide you with an accurate description of your personality on all levels.

To complete I will need : Your name, birthday, birth time, and birth location.

(613) - 453 - 3934

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